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Voice Over

Message on Hold

Designed to comprise of short marketing related messages with easy listening background music that aims to captivate and inform your callers whilst they are on hold.

Our Message On Hold solution comprises of short advertising and market related messages.  We use professional male or female talent with easy listening music in the background – which serves to relax and inform callers.

The ultimate benefit of using our Message on Hold system is that it offers your company creative, entertaining and informative messaging as well as advice that is in line with each division’s individual marketing and public relations philosophy.

Included in the quote

  • Script Writing
  • Studio fees
  • Professional Voice Artist (male or female) | Voice over
  • Producer and Director Fees
  • Music selection including music royalty fees
  • State of the art recording
  • Hardware unit (THC property)
  • Maintenance fee

Pre-Answering and After Hours productions

An answering message that plays to your caller when you are unable to answer the telephone whether it be that your receptionist is busy or the caller has reached you outside of your business hours. *

IVR Recording

Ideal for call centres and companies which have various departments and/or high incoming call volumes. A selection of voice prompts which allows customers to be routed to the particular department or to relevant information required. The caller responds by pressing digits on the telephone or speaking words.*

*Please note that some PABX models do not have this facility and might require you to purchase additional hardware.

Our Sales Executive will assist you in selecting a complete Message on Hold solution for your organization.

AVM – (Automated Voice Messaging)

Used to communicate relevant and personalized information to consumers via any digital communication platform

Direct Digital Marketing

Direct Marketing via Electronic Media or Telecommunications Services. i.e.: Any recording that is distributed by a company to a specific distribution list to any of the following USAGE AREAS – Email, MMS, AMS, or any other similar format as a marketing exercise with commercial content or intent

Recordings for E-Learning/E-Books

NON Commercial Information or Data Sharing ONLY

Pre recorded Internet Inserts

A recording specifically for the Internet

Radio Adverts

Would you like to advertise your business/product on the radio? Contact us for your recording